Nourish Your Craft knows the challenges behind starting a small food or beverage company and offers tailored assistance in any of the various stages.  We will work with you

to organize and implement your business plan, source materials and commercial kitchen/manufacturing space, assist in hiring and staffing needs, acquire the proper permitting and licensing if applicable.   We will streamline product offerings, and conduct the necessary market research to establish pricing, product comparison, and means of production and expansion.  Most importantly, we will develop your target market and cultivate a tailored sales strategy that will get your product in front of the proper culinary and retail channels.


For more companies seeking sales support, let us enhance your strategy. Whether that be expanding your current market from retail to include restaurants, launching a full scale presence at area farmers markets, assisting in door-to-door introductions and tastings, or liaising with distributors, Nourish Your Craft will work to create a sales plan that works for you.


Marketing is a full time animal. While your focus is and should be on producing the highest quality product, let Nourish Your

Craft handle your marketing approach. 

Between social media, managing your brand image, and getting your product in front of the right retailers, chefs, and events, we will work with you to boost your existing strategy.  Nourish Your Craft offers expertise in branding and our extensive network of retailers and culinary figures.  We can also work exclusively to enhance your online footprint and social media presence, help develop marketing materials and shelf talkers, or initiate collaborations with other industry experts to best showcase your products to the widest audience.


*This is just a sampling of our services, so please contact us directly to see how we can work together to help your business.